Your Favourite Current Product?

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      Simple question.. Of all the products in the range, taking into account ‘Bang for your Buck’ what is your favourite product?

      I’d say mine is one of these three :

      1. BeoLab 28.  Not stupidly priced and sound incredible for their size.
      2. BeoPlay A9. Why don’t more people own these?! They’re beautiful and sound absolutely amazing!  I will never, ever sell my Mk3.
      3. BeoPlay H95 Headphones. Absolutely love mine!  For the prices they’re going for now they’re a real no-brainer if you’re after some ‘over ears’

      The winner, for me, is the A9.  I have the Mk3 (can’t stand the inbuilt Google – and I know you can switch it off, but..) and it can fill a large room with some serious sound. It also looks like a work of art, there’s a HUGE choice of covers now available, the legs can be changed to suit, and you can wall or floor mount them!

      Versatile, beautiful design with amazing sound. This, to me, carries the hallmarks of a B&O Classic.

      Over to you good people!

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        If the question is “in the current range”, Beolab 18: That’s B&O, period. Maybe that 72-22.

        If the question is “your favorite in what you own currently”, I think it is my Beosystem 1001 made of BM1001, BC1200, BC2200, BG4002, U70, S45-2 front/C30 Rear. Maybe my simple BC2300 with BL4000 that recently get a new shine compared to 8000’s.

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          The BSys4/Sound Center platform – since that is the heart/the cornerstone of my setup.


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            That’s a very difficult question. First of all, products you own or would love to own :).

            For me, any Beolab really, but realistically I could only get as far as Beolab 28 if I really wanted to. I have yet to listen to them but I don’t dare to, in fear of falling in love and craving them at the expense of selling what I already have, which are current products I love :).

            My Balances and Beosound 1, my two pairs of H95s (I’d even get a third pair in the right colour). I also like my EQ but wouldn’t place it in front of the others.

            I also love the sound of the Beosound 2 which is why I’d like to buy one, because together with my two Balances it would sound absolutely epic.

            I agree that more people should buy the A9.

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              Not really current… almost!

              My Prize Draw mk1 Beoplay A9 does sound amazing, considering its size.

              Guests and family love it too!

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                (1) Beolab 90s, obviously!

                (2) Beoplay A1. It sounds stupidly good for its size.


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                  Lately, it’s been a stereo pair of Beosound A1s.  At my low office listening levels, I’m finding the imaging from the stereo separation more enjoyable than the better sonic quality of my BS2.  Not sure what to make of this…


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