Thank You Keith – from Lee!

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      Hello All,

      As the Forum is back up and running and people are thanking the Moderating Team for at least getting us to where we are, I’d just like to state that 100% of this is down to Keith.

      I have had almost zero involvement in this as I’ve been absolutely wrapped up in my own little world, closing down my full-time pre-owned B&O business for good.  I wish I’d had more time to devote to this but to be honest I don’t understand much of it.

      Without Keith we certainly wouldn’t have been able to limp the old site along for so many years when it really needed scrapping, and without Keith we wouldn’t even have this Forum right now.

      The basics are in place, so please bear with us. It looks pretty spartan at present, but once we’ve nailed the functionality we can then look at maybe a little ‘crowdfund’ (we don’t have any money left) to get the ‘Look and Feel’ done by a professional. Of course, this is something Keith could also do if he had plenty of hours to spare – but he hasn’t. He has bills to pay and a ‘real’ job like all of us.

      I’d also like to thank everyone for their patience whilst the site was down. As you may or may not know it was a flaw in the Telligent software which was exploited by a hacker who clearly had a grudge against either ourselves or Bang & Olufsen as a company. Either way they’ve probably done us all a favour by pushing us away from the old software, and now we can move forward to the latest technology which will provide a faster, slicker and mobile friendly Forum.  Not often do we thank a hacker but whatever he or she has tried to achieve, it’s actually done us a favour – so Thank You.

      So, as already mentioned, Thank You Keith.  Without you I wouldn’t have the time or finances to keep BeoWorld going since LifeStyle AV closed and the pre-owned B&O market all but collapsed.  We’ve had some wonderfully generous offers of financial support from Members, so we may call upon you to help us get the Forum looking fantastic again in the near future.

      Going forwards we have much to look forward to. There may be some changes, for sure, but I think the Forum being down has made us all realise just what a ‘Hub’ for all things Bang & Olufsen this place is..  We look forward to many more years of help, assistance, camaraderie and enjoyment of our current and classic products.

      Kindest Regards


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        Hi… taking about the app… I am the developer of the iOS app… @Keith, do you know if the new forum software has an API I can use to develop the new app?

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          Thank you Keith for your awesome work.

          Kind regards,


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            Thank you Keith, now hurry up with how to become a paying member, I have no paypal or pay with phone possibility

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              Thanks Keith for everything!


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                Thank you so much for getting the forum back up and running! I think doing a „crowdfund“ would be a great idea.

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                  Hi all, great to be back!

                  hope the app will be restored shortly, it was my main accespoint to the great forum.


                  best regards


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