Disappointed with Beolab 8000…


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      Hi alls,

      I recently got a pair of Beolab 8000 from 1997 – Serial 12xxxxx – and was excited to plug them.
      But honestly it is a disappointment. They really sound average without details, I would’nt say muddy but definitely very common. (I may exagerate a little bit…)

      My references are:
      BL4000 MK1 with digital sources: defined, punching, detailed.
      S45-2 with analog sources: all the same with even more round bass.
      Beolab 2500 with digital sources: definetly not 4000’s but they sound better since thay are against a wall.

      The 8000 have more bass when connected to analog sources but the trebles are a little bit cloudy or muddy. With digital sources they remind me the 2500 whe they were free standing: no punching bass, I can’t hear anything B&O in those. Night and day compared with the 4000’s playing the same stream and this is the most unpleasant surprise.

      All drivers are fine and sounding. I’ve read the different articles on the evolution of the design : I’ve concluded they are MK1 with woofer in parallel and ABL so less bassy than MK2 (that I suppose are closer to BL4000’s) but more than the original design that is said to be more transparent (from Beocentral).

      All that said:

      1 – Do anyone have the same feeling or am I missing something (like placement or something)?

      2 – Can this be a fault from the speaker?

      3 – Can this be “tuned” or compensated by any way?


      PS: spelling question – you turn up the BASS button to crank up the BASSES, right?

      – Edited for grammar: thank you Trackbeo –


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        This is a test

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          Hi , I have had these from new and while I loved the design I was not too impressed with the sound. I added a BL 2000 and it was imo a different experience.

          To be fair to the speakers you have they are 25 years old and might have been well used, so you are probably not getting any thing  like the original sound.  The Mk ll version I believe was better but I have not personally listened to them.

          If possible  try to listen to another set of 8000’s to see if its a sound you like before considering refurbishing them .


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