Beolab 3000 – Only One Speaker Working

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      Hello Fellow Beoworlders,

      Whilst the site was down I found a near-mint pair of Beolab 3000 for sale locally:  Unfortunately whilst one speaker sounds wonderful, the other speaker refuses to work.  It powers-up fine and the display works perfectly, but it produces no sound no matter what I try…

      I’ve tried feeding the Powerlink socket via a Beosound 3000 using a Mk 2 cable; moving the On switch I get a ‘clunk’ from the speaker, and when I move the ‘On’ switch to ‘Video’ & ‘Audio’ settings I get a ‘click’ from the switch too.  The display even shows the correct source – but no sound!

      I’ve tried feeding the Speaker-link socket via a Beosystem 5500; again the speaker ‘clunks’, and the switch ‘clicks’ as I move it between ‘Video’ & ‘Audio’ – just no music!

      Finally I’ve tried feeding it through the line-in from a Beosound Essence – same result – speaker ‘clunks’, switch ‘clicks’ – but again, nothing…

      I’ve tried the above with each different impedance setting, and swapped the cables between the working and non-working speaker, all to no effect.

      It feels as if it’s ‘so close’ to working, but there’s just something wrong that I don’t have the knowledge to fix.  Finding a tech capable of repairing this economically here in SE Queensland is going to be difficult, so any thoughts, help or advice you can offer to keep these amazing speakers alive would be massively appreciated.

      Thanking You All In Advance,


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