Beogram 4000 serie top panel adjustments


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      Hi Guys, first topic on the new forum, yehaa!

      Is there a  procedure or way to properly adjust all the top panels on a Beogram 4000 serie.
      Actually mine is a 4002 and the three main top plates are not perfectly aligned, that is they are flush on a vertical plane (the platter plane) but not square when seen from above.

      To be honest it is very little, seen mainly between the bottom of right top plate and the panel with speed controls : there is maybe half a millimeter gap on the right and they touch on the left making also the top plate side protrude with the same amount in respect to the side of the speed control panel.

      Of course my reference would be the pack shots pics of the 4000C and the more recent 72-22 where an even black fine line separates the three plates (five if you count the speed control an keyboard but they’re all one piece…) and I know it’s all photoshop since actuals 4000C in pictures or in real life are reported to be not so aligned. But one important part of a beogram 400x restoration is the adjustment of the platter height to be flush with the top plate so I wonder if they’re is a way to push the idea beyond.


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