Reply To: Beolab20 Bass issues

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    When I say high volumes I mean 55-60 max because I have neighbors but the speakers are 30 cm from the wall as seen in the pic. It’s an open space that I have around 80m2 but nevertheless and from my experience low frequency bass should be heard specifically if you stand in the corner which is not happening.

    The speakers are capable of going as low as 19 Hz ( yeah +-3 dB ) but the point is that this bass is being somehow cancelled and you can feel that the speakers are intentionally cutting deep bass for some reason. I tried playing with the Avant settings and trying different settings but they all are the same.

    One thing I would like to mention is that the dealer visited me couple of months ago and updated the firmware of the speakers and I feel that ever since, the issue was amplified. Could be my imagination but certainly not what I’m expecting.

    I have a pair of old stand floor bipolar mirage speakers each with 2 x 6″ bass drivers each and believe me the bass extension can be heard in the entire building. Certainly not possible with the BL20’s which is very very odd.

    I’m honestly out of ideas and the speakers are set to freestanding mode which is the highest bass you can get.