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    9th Prize – Bang & Olufsen Vintage Matchbox Delivery Van

    In 9th this Spring is the highly collectible Matchbox Bang & Olufsen Delivery Van! Given out as Dealer Gifts to VIP clients back in the 1980’s they have become quite the collectors classic, both from the Bang & Olufsen perspective and the toy car collector too! One for the display cabinet, and a real keeper – and something we’re sure you’ll park in your miniature garage and take out only on high days and holidays. It’s pretty good on fuel, too!! All yours if you win 9th…

    The winner is…

    Mr I. Sesevic (Miki) from Västra Frölunda, Sweden

    Jolly well done to you! Keep it clean and well serviced and it’ll give years of happy micro-motoring..