Reply To: Worst Value for Money B&O Product?

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    I think value for money is a matter of perspective.

    I’ve purchased plenty of tatt (the MP3 Player Beosound 2 for instance). Beolab4s. They all have had degrees of good/bad value about them. I guess if you use them and not worry about the latest thing, they work out as well-used products that do a job and fulfil a need.

    I do have concern over my Eclipse 65 MK1. I baulk at the thought of having to replace the whole thing if the panel fails.

    You could also include the Beolab90. These are fantastic loudspeakers (I can barely listen to Beolab 3s in the office as their sound is so poor). These were purchased when affordability was easy (and still can be for me fortunately). However, one does worry of the cost of repair should these things start to fail. Mine now have just had their 6th birthday.