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    That is interesting Carolpa. I’ve been looking through Audirvana Prefs and I see that I can change the output there. However the options are for the connected items, my Meridian Prime Headphone amp, my external headphones output and the Mac Mini speakers. Those are all physically connected. It is also possible to change this using the Audirvana remote app on my iPhone and iPad.

    Your suggestion has prompted me to do a little bit of reading at the Audirvana community forum and I think if I select a HomePod with the Mac settings then that option becomes available with Audirvana. So, I guess that would also be true with the 28s.

    However I’m thinking that I would need to make that setting change on my Mac then go to my living room to play the music and that would be hassle.

    I’m checking out Vox Player now actually and I rather like the way that works, I’ve got some files on their cloud storage. I’m going to be doing testing with my HomePods to see if I like the functionality.

    I totally love Audirvana on my Mac actually. I think it is the best sounding audio player for the Mac. I use it with the Meridian headphone amp and my Sennheiser HD 800 S headphones or my Beyerdynamic T1s and the quality is just fabulous.