Reply To: B&O app: No multiroom with multiple Wifi networks!?

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    I use quite an aging Xytel Multy X “mesh” system. 3 nodes from my Wifi Modem/router.

    I see two networks broadcasted – one is the original Wifi Router Modem and the other is the designated name from the Multy master (which one unit is hard wired connected to the Modem/Router). All the Multy X broadcast the same wifi ID.

    I connect all devices to the Multy X Wifi ID. All works perfectly and continuously across 3 floors and a stairwell.

    I feel you need to configure your Mesh system to a similar setup. If you are using a number of old Routers (non-mesh), it is possible to get them in relay mode toggling the internal configuration. However, the BeoApp to me would not be the source of your problem here.