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    I’m not trying to front off potential improvements over the new site. I’m sure it has been a really unappreciated challenge of stopping problems and funding a new site and implementing a change over in just a few days. No criticism from me here.

    What I would like to do is offer some suggestions on improving the site cosmetics. I find the current very difficult to read because of the mixtures of weak font colours and bold background colours. I’m many ways, it is very un-B&O.

    Some armchair suggestions.

    1.      Use a slider/dropdown to move to different forums.

    2.      Pinned topics minimised. I did not like that 50% of the old (MK2) forum had pinned topics on does and donts.

    3.      The forum display on my PC occupies only 50% of the sceeen width. One of very few web pages that still do this.

    4.      Do we really need to know the number of topics and reply’s?

    5.      The Topic subject line (light blue on yellow/white background has really poor colour vibration

    6.      The Topic and started by is very cluttered. Suggest delete “started by”

    7.      Last post. Suggest that is keep to indicating minutes up to an hour. Hours up to a day and day up to a week.

    8.      Recommend closing topics after a given period of time.

    9.      Have topic, views, replies, last post, poster all on one line


    Attached is a screen shot of Auralics forum page. Yes they are a commercial operation who can fund themselves a lot better than Beoworld ever could (Frankly, Bang & Olufsen should be doing it this way and should in my opinion morally contribute to Beoworld for the information provided).


    However, it is clean, easy to navigate and easy to search. The forum page is very easy on my eyes.

    All these notes are given as my opinion for improvement rather than chastising the job lots or people are actually doing to make Beoworld work.

    Best regards