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    Hi Keith,

    I won’t be on my own saying that there are people there who are truly grateful for your time and help with keeping this group of B&O fans (fanatics?) talking to each other. Thanks for your time and effort to keep this platform alive and drag it into 21st century. I’m surprised that B&O itself wasn’t interested in donating few $$$ to help. I’m sure this page and this forum on its own generated substantial sale for them. Anyway.

    Back to your question about testing of new interface. Here are my observations so far:

    1. Looks like on list of current on-line users you also display bots. Not sure if those robots are really there. Even if they are I’m not sure if there is a value in displaying information about them.
    2. I’m using Firefox on windows 10. So far page is rather stable.
    3. Just a small suggestion. Maybe on make main forums in bold or somehow distinguish them from the others?
    4. Once you click on “Members Portal” it takes you to I can log in with my credentials and see all my details. I don’t see any previous images or any old posts. I guess you didn’t port them yet but just want to mention it here.
    5. Not sure what search engine you will have available in this new forum but its quality will determine true value of this forum. If possible something closer to google search capabilities would be ideal.

    So far that’s all from me. If this is of any value I can spent more time on the forum and provide more observations/suggestions if I have any.

    Test picture:


    Again thanks for great work and help,