Important Note to Members

Beoworld Web site and Forum are being updated in a phased implementation.

The new forum is now in place, BUT the web site at is currently NOT linked to this new forum meaning EXISTING members MUST register on the new forum with the same username and password and activate the account before you can login to the forum.

New members MUST register on this web site AND then separately on the forum. Apologies for the inconvenience during this transition period.

Silver and Gold members wishing to renew their membership should continue to do so via the web site at

Once the full implementation of both the new web site and forum are 100% complete, then we will be back to “Single Sign On”

Beoworld Forum and Web Site Update Plan

This Posting will be updated from time to time and this was last updated on 28th March 2022

The Beoworld web site was built 20 years ago using classic ASP technology which at the time was the best option. However, today some parts of it do not work correctly because not all advancements have been backward compatible and it needs bring up to the 2022’s

The separate forum was a commercial forum first purchased from Telligent in 2005/2006 prior to the formal launch on 16th April 2007 and used the first generation ASP.NET. In 2012 the forum was upgraded and has continued in service until 24th February 2022 by which time it was deemed unsupportable in as much as it took many hours per day to keep it going due to flaws in the system.

The plan for the future is a phased plan of which the first phase is in place now. The goal of phase one was to get in place as quickly as possible a basic forum which could subsequently be updated and modified without affecting its day to day use.

The next phase is to secure the forum which was shut down on the 24th February 2022 and modify it for read only availability and will be called “Archived Forum 2” and when it goes live in early April 2022 will be at address “” and will be fully index by Google. Members who have previous bookmarked any threads in the old forum can still use them by replacing “forum” with “archivedforum2” in the URL string.

The new forum system has a “Personal Message” system and unlike the old system you can contact any member by using the “Contact” link under their Avatar. You can also click on your name or other members name to review your or their profile. You can update your own profile if you wish.

In the old forum spam posts were a major problem, but with the new forum hopefully that will be a thing of the past as I have used the services of a third party which checks all posts before they go on-line. Also if you post with lots of links it will normally go for moderation.

During this period of transformation where we still have the old web site with its manual library and the new forum, you will need to login to each separately that is why I suggested members use the same username for this forum as they have for the web site.

I will update this blog as and when new facilities/functionality have been added. Currently the two tasks I am working on are securing the old forum and setting up a development platform to test all new functionality rather than doing it on the new forum itself.